Arc Encoder

The people who make the Monome, the grid based OSC controller, have just released the Arc.  It is a high-resolution OSC controller with two knobs which double as push buttons. Like the Monome, it is a beautiful thing, housed in a walnut and aluminum casing. At $500 it is UX for a luxury audience, hi end service design

Whenever I see an elegant interface like this I always wonder why we don’t have more control surfaces for Photoshop or design software (I know people have found ways to control Photoshop with midi but I’m talking purpose-built controllers).

Do app developers ever think of opening up the native design support.

early arc experiment from tehn on Vimeo.

5 Responses to “Arc Encoder”
  1. james b says:

    Lovely. I do get a bit tired of these uber design products though. I’d much rather see something that is going to get beyond 100 design fetishists to actually be useful and make a difference. Give me products helpful to those with $30 to spend rather than $500. If you find one I’ll buy you a beer.

  2. Tommy Dalton says:

    @ james b: I feel the same way, but I’m still a complete sucker for any tool with elegant design. I could probably build something similar for $50 bucks, but sometimes you just want nice stuff on your desk.

  3. Toby Barnes says:

    Thanks James and Tommy. Good design is worth paying for. and if you are in the niche (like music making, mountain biking etc you will pay for functionality, design, and prestige.
    Here for example.

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