Post Digital Post Rock.

Last night Greg and I went to see Richard play in a pub in Sheffield.
He was very very good.
You should buy his album.

But anyway.
The third band who played were Vessels. Mogwai like. 6 guys. Drums, 4 guitars and a keyboard.
I enjoyed them a lot. Very noisy, heavy heavy bass, no singing. Rhythmic noise.

Did I say they were loud?

I think the proper term is post rock.

They couldn’t finish a song. Each song filtered out. Went quiet then noisy then ended. Or had some plinky plonky bit then stopped. “Thank you” said a bassist with a Leeds accent “We are Vessels”.  Worse was the big slow down, beat by beat.


Why were they trying to make songs?

They didn’t have the usual pattern of songs.

Why didn’t they play the rhythm, build the song up, link into the next? Like a set.

I spent my youth twirling and bouncing to an 808. Often 7 hours with little break.
I could do 60 minutes of this.  A rolling riding hour of beats and riffs.

As Russell Davies wrote in his post about music for iTunes shuffle, I want music to appreciate where we are now in history/future.

Music made in 5 minute blocks seems weird. Even live.
Irvine Browns brilliant piece  works for my ipod.
Can rhythm based post rock noisy bands play sets?

What happens if they think of the set as 60 mins not 10 blocks of 6?
Am I talking way out of my depth?


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