Post Digital Post Rock.

Last night Greg and I went to see Richard play in a pub in Sheffield. He was very very good. You should buy his album. But anyway. The third band who played were Vessels. Mogwai like. 6 guys. Drums, 4 guitars and a keyboard. I enjoyed them a lot. Very noisy, heavy heavy bass, no … Continue reading

The Face of Watson

So IBM Research have been building on Watson (a version of Deep Blue and Deep Thought) Deep Thought Deep Thought was a creation of IBM research and in 1989 it had won the Sixth World Computer Chess Championship before playing chess champion Gary Kasparov. Kasparov, considered by many to be the greatest chess mind ever, … Continue reading

Dead Island Trailer

Just seen this. you should too. Games are getting it, yes it looks a bit like a film. but you know it’s a zombie game. and so you now want to play it. but what’s amazing is the thought that had gone into the music the paleness of the Miami wall, the sun, the blood … Continue reading

“I am not a gun”

Ben Bashford (this is him) and I have been talking about what happens when these connected objects that we are building get sick. When batteries start to fade, they will get ill, they will starve, they will struggle to breath. Is this a problem? Today he posted the death scene from the Black Hole. I … Continue reading

Arc Encoder

The people who make the Monome, the grid based OSC controller, have just released the Arc.  It is a high-resolution OSC controller with two knobs which double as push buttons. Like the Monome, it is a beautiful thing, housed in a walnut and aluminum casing. At $500 it is UX for a luxury audience, hi end service design Whenever … Continue reading

Idents responding to voice

Proud Creative, working for Welsh broadcaster S4/C have created some of the most stunning videos I’ve posted on this site. I was immediately impressed by the “invisible patriotism” of the Welsh people that they captured in their earlier idents for them, and everyone was mesmerised by the infinite loop that filled S4/C’s on-air down time. Now though it’s … Continue reading