Talk like a person

“A conversational tone provides an opportunity for your site’s visitor to respond as if really being spoken to by another person. This receptive state of mind permits the reader to enter into a dialogue with the site and reinforces the feeling that the site is made by people and not machines.” I today stumbled on … Continue reading

We dont serve their kind

Sat here watching Star Wars for the hundredth time and as Obi One and Luke enter the cantina bar, the bar man refuses entry to C3P0 and R2D2. “we don’t serve their kind” Why, I always wonder. Droids in Star wars are a secondary class, slaves, translation devices, mechanical tools to keep ships flying in … Continue reading

Idents responding to voice

Proud Creative, working for Welsh broadcaster S4/C have created some of the most stunning videos I’ve posted on this site. I was immediately impressed by the “invisible patriotism” of the Welsh people that they captured in their earlier idents for them, and everyone was mesmerised by the infinite loop that filled S4/C’s on-air down time. Now though it’s … Continue reading

Tom Loosemore’s rules for web design

Some really good old points from Tom Loosemore’s Blog. 1. Build web products that meet audience needs: anticipate needs not yet fully articulated by audiences, then meet them with products that set new standards. (nicked from Google) 2. The very best websites do one thing really, really well: do less, but execute perfectly. (again, nicked from Google, with … Continue reading